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    6 Days

    Heritage Tour

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    5 Days

    Scenic Beauty

    Sri Lanka is a blessed country with pleasing sights all over the country. Many tourists come yearly to get the glimpse of it and collect into there box of memories.

    Camping Tour

    Over the past few years Camping has become a big trend among young Sri Lankan community. It has had the influence of Foreign Visitors who loves camping and discovering untouchable…

    5 hours

    360° Colombo

    Being the commercial capital and the historical trade destination in the ancient silk route, City of Colombo is a very special place to visit. Multicultural lifestyle, smiling people and lots…

    10 hours

    Down South Vibes

    Exploring the City of Galle and down south in 10 Hours Historically important, rich with beaches and nature, Sri Lankan down south is a must watch for the travellers visiting…

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    Riya Yahida – Spain
    Riya Yahida – Spain Service rating : I normally would never book a holiday online, but i gave it a shot as i researched that Peregrinate in sri lanka were very trusted and they did not disappoint with everything on time and perfect Product:… Read More
    Manuela Lose
    Manuela Lose Our Driver was very well informed, helpful and professional making the tour truly enjoyable and informative. We learnt a lot about Sri Lanka. A wonderful program made by Ashwin Joseph. Thank you! We completed our program to the full. We… Read More


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